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as recited in the Conway Daily Sun October 10, 2017

OSSIPEE — Local Carroll County Corrections officers report they had a an "awesome" and "emotional"  cannon ball run style trip to honor fallen law enforcement officers and they hope that it spread awareness of officers  who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

The Cannonball Memorial Run is a non-profit public benefit corporation founded by Jason Hendrix and John Bannes of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office in California in 2016. During the inaugural run in December, San Bernardino deputies traveled to Washington, D.C., to honor fallen law-enforcement officers and raise money for their families.

The West Coast officers are planning another run this year, while their counterparts from Carroll County Department of Corrections will be doing a similar run in the east.

"Cannonball Run" was a 1981 movie starring Burt Reynolds that involved a wild and wacky cross-country road race. This event is considered to be "Cannonball Run"-style because the officers will not be breaking for anything but food and gas.

The Carroll County officers taking part are Sgt. Michael Baker, 35; Sgt. Jonathan Duguay, 34; Sgt. Christopher Fiandaca, 45; and Cpl. Justin Corliss, 26. They left Sept. 28 and arrived home Oct. 3.

They made the trip in a 2016 Toyota Sienna mini van rented from Hertz in Glen. Baker describes the tip as "awesome" but added they sadly have even  more stops to make next year.  

"We traveled a total of 3,371 miles in 77 hours on our leg of the Run (New Hampshire to (the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in) Washington, D.C.," said Baker. "Our North Atlantic Team presented seven plaques to six agencies."

Those six agencies were New York State Police, Pennsylvania State Police, New York Police, Delaware Department of Corrections, Delaware State Police and Georgia Department of Corrections. 

Once we met the West Coast Team in Georgia we assisted in presenting eight more plaques to Americus/Georgia Southwestern State University, Orlando, Florida Police, Kissimmee, Florida Police, Orange County Florida Sheriff's Office, North Carolina Department of Corrections. 

"Furthermore, with time in between scheduled stops, we were able to visit eight additional agencies to show our support to them and talk about what the Cannonball Memorial Run is all about in addition to listening to their stories," said Baker.

The officers thank everyone who followed the run on social media and supported them along the way, said Baker.

"This was a very emotional trip for all of us and we plan on participating in the years to come," said Baker.  "I encourage everyone to go on both Facebook pages North Atlantic Cannonball Memorial Run Team and Cannonball Memorial Run and watch the videos and look through the pictures.

"All we ask you, is to share the videos, pictures and pages to help us spread awareness about Officers being murdered in the line of duty," said Baker. "I would love to write about all the Officers and family members we met and their story but this email would just be too long."

The officers invite people to ask them about their expereince.

If you wish to make a money donation to assist in the immediate financial relief of murdered LE/Correctional Officers go to The organization is a nonprofit. 

"The goal of the Cannonball Memorial Run Corporation is to provide immediate financial relief to the family of the fallen within 24 hours," said Baker.