Carroll County NH
95 Water Village Road, Ossipee, NH 03864
Superintendent of the Year
Superintendent of the Year 2017

Most would say being nominated and winning Superintendent of the Year comes along once in a lifetime. Well, Superintendent Jason Henry has done just that. His dedication and perseverance has awarded him with Superintendent of the Year TWICE! 2015 and now 2017. Words can not describe the uniqueness of approach in the Corrections field that has lead to his success. Superintendent Henry's compassion and sincere concern of the inmate population as well as staff has put him on the map as a cutting edge leader.

The constant determination to educate those around him have bettered the Carroll County community tenfold. We are so proud and so fortunate to have such a driving force among us. There is no telling where the Carroll County Department of Corrections is headed next; but we are all looking foward to the excitement each new year brings. So it is with much gratitude and appreciation that the staff here at CCDOC would like to thank Superintendent Henry for all his continued efforts.

Thank You so much for being who you are and Congratulations on your 2017 New Hampshire Association of Counties win of Superintendent of the Year.

The CCDOC Staff

* In addition we would also like to extend Congratulations for Employee of the Year-Sgt. Dean Perry
as well as our County Administrator of the Year - Ken Robichaud