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Inmate Programs
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Substance Abuse Programs

Substance Abuse Programs are available upon request.  Participation may begin at any time during your period of incarceration based upon that some of the groups are open ended.  The focus of services is substance abuse education, assessments/evaluations, and assistance to residential substance abuse treatment.  Individual counseling is also available upon request.  To inquire about any of the substance abuse programs, please fill out an Inmate Request Form and check off LADC, and you will be scheduled to have an interview.

 12 Step Program/Meetings
A Twelve-Step Program is a set of guiding principles outlining a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioral problems. Twelve-step methods have been adopted to address a wide range of substance-abuse and dependency problems. Meetings are offered on a weekly basis. Those that attend may have a record of that attendance to assist when applying to a treatment facility

Spiritual Services

Spiritual sessions are offered throughout the week to inmates.  These sessions are non-denomination based sessions. Bible study is held for male inmates Sunday and Wednesday Nights.  Female Bible Study is held on Wednesday during the day.  The facility Chaplin visits on a weekly basis and tours all the dayrooms to meet with inmates.  The Chaplin is available in an emergency situation.  You may choose to have your own Pastor meet with you; however this must be coordinated through the facility Chaplin.  

Parenting Class

This is hosted by NH Cooperative Extension. In this class, offenders will learn various skills to manage their child’s behavior as well as feelings of stress and frustration.  Offenders will learn different age appropriate activities to do with your children, as well as have the opportunity to get feedback on different struggles that they may be having with their own children. Offenders will have the ability to hear other parents going through some of the same things, and share some of the ideas that they have found that worked for them.  Parenting class provides different means of providing structure and discipline for parents to use on their children.  

HiSET / GED Program

This program is a tutored program designed to prepare offenders for the GED test.  If you successfully complete this program and pass the exam, you will be eligible for a GED certificate.   

Job Skills / Re-entry Class

This class focuses on completing job applications, preparing a resume, and interview skills. This class can be scheduled through the programs department for offenders preparing to return to the community that need assistance.

Thinking for a Change

Thinking for a Change (T4C) is an integrated, cognitive behavioral change program for offenders that includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and development of problem solving skills

Cognitive Self-Change – is paying attention to the thoughts and feelings that go on inside of us to recognize risk and use new thinking to avoid trouble.

Social Skills - are behaviors or abilities we use in situations involving other people.
Problem Solving - is a set of skills to help us make better choices.

T4C is designed for delivery to small groups in 25 lessons and can be expanded on to meet the needs of specific participant group. The program completes by bringing all of the tools and skills together at the end of the 25 Sessions.

Read a book to your child

This program allows incarcerated persons to read children stories into an audio format. That audio can then be sent home where the children can hear their parent read to them.

Drum & Rhythm

Incarcerated offenders have the opportunity to learn rhythm and drumming. This course helps offenders in the areas of math, physical coordination, and provides an artistic outlet
The Carroll County Department of Corrections would like to thank DW Drums and Vic Firth sticks for their generous donations

Persons interested in volunteering or providing services to the Carroll County Department of Corrections should download the VVC handbook (located above) and return the completed forms to

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