Carroll County NH
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Inmate Visitation
To Schedule a visit at the Carroll County Department of Corrections please call 603-539-2282 Ext 1005 Monday through Thursday from 7am - 3pm and Friday's until Noon. Should you phone after hours a message can be left and someone will get back to you to confirm. CALLS TO MAKE VISITATION CAN NOT BE SCHEDULED ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY OR HOLIDAYS. In addition, just because you call and leave a message does not mean you automatcally have a visitation scheduled. Someone MUST phone you back to confirm the date and time.  If your voice mail box is not set up or if your voice mail box is full, Carroll County Department of Corrections is NOT responsible for you not getting the message.

When leaving a message, inform the individual that you would like to schedule a visit by providing them your name, the inmates name and the requested day and time of the visit. Visiting times may be scheduled up to 7 days in advance of requested visit.  During the day of your visit please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled visit to allow staff to sign you in.  If you fail to arrive on time your visit may be canceled.  Visiting hours are as follows:

Morning Visiting Hours:
8:00 am - 9:00am
9:00  am - 10:00 am
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Afternoon Visting Hours:
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
1:00 pm -  2:00 pm
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Evening Visting Hours:
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
8 pm - 9 pm

Visits from immediate family members, friends, and professionals are of a benefit to the inmate and to the Carroll County Department of Corrections.  In accordance with the Carroll County Department of Corrections mission statement for rehabilitative services; this visiting affords inmates the opportunity to stay in contact with family and friends and to obtain professional assistance with their personal and legal affairs

Visits are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.  All visits are non-contact.  Inmates are entitled to receive 3 visitors during their visiting period (providing they are on the inmates visitor list).  Inmates are presently entitled to two visit per week.

Visitors entering the facility are subject to a search of their person, vehicle, and property to the degree necessary to ensure institution/facility security and prevent the introduction of contraband.  Visitors may leave the institution grounds rather than to submit to a search of their person, vehicle, or property.  However, refusal to submit to the search will result in the denial of visitation for that day.

Visitors shall show proof of identity prior to admission.  Identification will be in the form of:
*       State Driver’s License
*       State Identification Card
*       Passport
*       Agency/School Identification Card
*       Military Identification Card
*       Birth Certificates of Biological Children

Visitors may not bring any items into the facility for an inmate without the expressed permission of the Shift Supervisor and must call ahead prior to entering onto the grounds with item in tote.

Visitors who attempt to or leave contraband in the facility or on the grounds of the facility will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law under NH RSA 30:B-9 and 30:B-10.  Visitors who commit such acts will be permanently banned from visiting an inmate during their incarceration

Persons who have been incarcerated within the past 12 months or those who are pending a criminal investigation will be denied visitation.  Former inmates may visit within 12 months only if they are immediate family and on the prior approval of the Superintendent

Visitors not on an approved visiting list or do not have proper identification will be denied entry.  Visitors arriving late will forfeit the time lost due to their tardiness.  It is highly suggested that visitors arrive ten to fifteen minutes prior to the start of the visit so they can be registered for the visit

Visitors will be dressed in an appropriate manner. The following dress code is deemed appropriate attire for visiting. Failure to abide by this dress code can result in refusal into visitation:
*       No dresses or skirts above the knee
*       No shorts above the knee
*       No sleeveless shirts
*       No low cut shirts (anything below the collar bone)
*       No hats or sunglasses
*       No belts, wallets, purses, keys
*       No tobacco products, lighters, matches
*       Baby carriages, car seats strollers, or blankets
*       No food, beverages or gum.  Baby bottles must be mixed in the presence of an officer
*       No jewelry or watches (exceptions, wedding/engagement ring, religious and medical alert)
*       No electrical devices such as cell phones, smart phones, pagers, cameras etc
*       No newspapers, books, or magazines
*       No shirt that reveal the mid-riff or belly
*       No hooded sweatshirts, jackets, or coats
*       No open toe shoes or sandals
*       No loose or baggy clothing (Correctional staff may use discretion)
*       Other items determined by the staff to pose a risk to the safety and security of the institution

Any visitor who is acting inappropriate or appears to be intoxicated will not be allowed to visit any inmate and will be asked to leave the County property

Visitors and inmates shall conduct themselves in such a manner as not to disturb others at all times.  The visiting room officer shall terminate the visit of any visitor or inmate who is disruptive or acting inappropriately.  Visitors are responsible for the conduct of their children.  No child will be left unsupervised, or allowed to disrupt the visiting area or distract correctional staff.  If a visitor cannot control his/her child, the visit may be terminated

A visit shall be terminated or disallowed and the inmate and visitor notified that the facility will be enforcing a 90 day restriction on the visitor’s visits with all inmates if any of the following occur
*       The visitor makes a false statement with respect to visiting
*       The visitor damages, or attempts to damage Department property or engages in disruptive behavior while on Department property
*       The visitor removes or attempts to remove any item from the institution that is not authorized by the institution

A visit shall be terminated or disallowed and the inmate and visitor notified that the facility will be enforcing a permanent restriction of the visitor’s visits with all inmates if any one of the following occurs:
*       The visitor smuggles, conspires to smuggles, or attempts to smuggle any item into or out of the facility.  Staff will ensure local authorities are notified if the item is believed to be illegal contraband
*       The visitor assaults staff or others or threatens them with physical harm
*       The visitor assists, conspires to assist, or attempts to assist an inmate to escape
*       The visitor has a pending felony or misdemeanor charge or has been found guilty of a felony or misdemeanor that occurred in connection with a visit.  The restriction shall be removed if the visitor proves proof that the charge      has been dismissed or that the charge resulted in a not guilty finding

Abandoned property will be held at this facility for fifteen (15) days after which, if not claimed, will be disposed of

Visitors who have a problem with visiting should try to resolve the problem immediately with the Shift Supervisor.  Visitors who remain dissatisfied with the facility’s response or action may submit a citizen’s complaint

Inmates detained at the Carroll County Department of Corrections will not be denied access to visit with professionals who may assist them, as long as the visit is consistent with the security and safety of the facility

Visiting rules are established to specify conduct for both inmates and visitors.  It is essential that inmates and visitors be familiar with the visiting rules. These rules are given to the inmates and are posted for the visitors to read prior to visiting. Written policy, procedure and practice provide that written information regarding procedures governing visitation be made available to the inmate within 24 hours after arrival at the facility. At a minimum, the information will include, but not limited to the following:
*       Facility address/phone number, directions to the facility, and information about local transportation
*       Days and hours of visitation
*       Approved dress and identification requirements for visitors
*       Items authorized in visitation room
*       Special rules for children
*       Authorized items that visitors may bring to give the offender (for example, funds, pictures, and so forth)      
*       Special visits (for example, family emergencies)

Inmates in disciplinary detention may not be allowed visits for the duration of his/her punitive time, consistent with the sanctions of the disciplinary board

Inmates serving weekend sentences or sentenced to the Department of Corrections for a period of seven (7) days or less are not entitled to the visiting privilege

Minor children are only allowed to visit if they are accompanied by an approved adult visitor such as a parent, a court appointed legal guardian, an authorized representative of a state agency, or are an emancipated minor. A certified birth certificate or embossed abstract of birth must be presented to correctional staff to validate the minor is in fact related to the inmate.  Minor children will be denied visitation under the following circumstances:
*       The Department is notified that there is a court order prohibiting visits between the child and inmate
*       The Department is notified that the parental rights of the inmate for the child has been terminated
*       The inmate has been convicted of child abuse, criminal sexual conduct, or any other assaultive or violent behavior against the child or sibling of the child unless an exception has been granted and written documentation received from the approving authority