Department of Public Works

The Carroll County Farm has 894 acres of land within its responsibility. About 120 acres of that are hay fields, which produce about 10,000 bales of hay each year. The remaining land is forest land, from which the farm harvests about 120 cords of firewood each year to sell to the public.

The farm also produces vegetables and blueberries for use at the Mountain View Community nursing home and for sale to the public. All of the extra vegetables and berries are donated to local food banks.

The Carroll County Farm also partners with the UNH Cooperative Extension to provide different agricultural education opportunities for the public.

Farm staff are also responsible for all of the outside maintenance on the complex, the water department, and the waste water department. Inmates serving sentences at the Carroll County House of Corrections work on the farm under supervision. Please visit our different links to see more details and photos of what we do at the Carroll County Farm!

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Will Dewitte DPW Director (603) 393-2898