In Memoriam

Sarah Elliot

On Tuesday, April 4th, 2006 we lost a dear friend and co-worker, Sarah Elliot.

Sarah joined the Carroll County Sheriff's Office Emergency Dispatch Center in October of 2004.

She was deeply loved by all of her "families".

She will be missed by all of us.


Photo of Sarah Elliot


Harry M. Leavitt

Harry M. Leavitt was born July 7, 1908 and killed in the line of duty December 27, 1946.

Leavitt was the son of E. Forrest Leavitt a former High Sheriff in Carroll County from 1919-1924.

Harry M. Leavitt served as a Deputy Sheriff under Sheriff James Welch from 1927 to 1946, rising through the ranks to Chief Deputy. Harry was the youngest Deputy in the history of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office.

In 1946 Harry M. Leavitt was elected High Sheriff, his term was to start in January of 1947.

On December 27, 1946 Harry was returning from a prisoner transport to Concord and was killed in an automobile accident. As a result Harry M. Leavitt never took office as High Sheriff.


Photo of Harry M. Leavitt