About Carroll County

A Great Place to Live, Work, and Thrive!

Carroll County is located in the center of NH along the eastern border. It is framed by the White Mountain National Forest to the north, and Lake Winnipesaukee to the south. It is essentially a rural environment within a short drive of many of the urban centers of northern New England.
If you live in Carroll County you get to live in the great State of New Hampshire, one of the most desirable states to raise a family and conduct business. New Hampshire is one of the most healthy and prosperous states in the nation.
The perks of working and living in New Hampshire include a business friendly tax structure, low crime rates, low poverty rates, outstanding schools, vibrant communities, and renowned medical facilities. We enjoy the best quality of life in the United States, which is why New Hampshire has been named the "Most Liveable State" more times than any other state - something that can be a real benefit in attracting and retaining employees. For more details, click here.
The land defines the character of Carroll County. Ancient glaciers scrubbed the surface revealing rounded mountains of granite, but thousands of years of water action has blessed the valleys with fertile soil for agriculture and forests. The remnants of an ancient volcano, and one of the largest glacial erratic boulders in the world, both lie within the boundaries of Carroll County. The land provides jobs, views, and recreation for the residents of the eighteen towns that comprise the county. Visitors appreciate the open farm land which affords colorful views of the forested mountains.
The educated, hard working citizens of Carroll County are a trememdous resource to employers. There are quaint villages, scenic county roads, and many recreational attractions available to residents and visitors alike. The local schools are of high quality and accessible to all. There are enthusiastic theater and artistic groups throughout the county, as well as active historical societies that hold regular programs. Government is accessible and participatory to all citizens. You can make a difference working with your fellow citizens to enhance your life, improve the environment, and engage your passion.

Carroll County is a place where all generations can live, work, and thrive!

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